Oxygen Facial

Oxygen facial involves the delivery of oxygen under intense pressure towards the skin using a wand.  The wand looks like a small pen which is commonly referred to as an airbrush. When it is put on the face, it will blow pure oxygen at a high pressure which will be directed t wards the topmost skin.

Besides the intense supply of oxygen, oxygen facial will also contain vitamins, minerals, moisturizers, certain antioxidants, and other nutrients extracts.

Oxygen facials can be conducted on any skin type as the ingredients used are friendly and will work towards nourishing the skin as well as bringing healing to any infected or inflamed skin,

In a normal situation, the facial skin will experience a decline in the oxygen level which is mostly as a result of the poor circulation of blood. Oxygen facial will be directed towards restoring the right energy levels making the skin appear young and radiant once again.

Below are the benefits that one will get from oxygen facial:

  • Improved production of collagen: Collagen refers to the protein which binds cells together making the skin stronger and more elastic. A person whose level of collagen has been boosted will have a reduction in the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles.
  • Detoxification: oxygen facial will aid the skin in the utilization of the oxygen, nutrients, and the vitamins that will be infused. In the process, the skin will undergo a detoxification which will eliminate the negative effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, poor dieting, and also aid in the renewal of skin cells.
  • Speeds up the reproduction of skin cells: The oxygen that will be infused during oxygen facial will help in the regeneration of the deals cells. This will also help in the clearing of acne scars, making the skin look brighter and youthful.
  • It has no side effects: oxygen facial can be conducted on any skin type including on those with sensitive skin as it will not lead to any negative reactions like swelling, reddening, or any burning sensation. It is also convenient as it will not involve the use of any harsh chemicals during the treatment.
  • The skin will be more radiant: All the impurities in the epidermis will be removed as a result of the facial and this will in turn aid in the removal of all the dead cells. When this happens, the clogged pores will be opened and your skin will get back its youthful radiance.
  • Unlike other types of facials where you have to wait for some time before you can go back to the usual beauty routines, a person who has undergone oxygen facial will be able to use his favorite beauty products almost immediately after the treatment.

The results of oxygen facial can be noted immediately and some of these will be acne removal, healing of the wrinkled skin, and the removal of any blemishes on the facial skin. Such a face will definitely look younger and radiant.

The benefits that are associated with oxygen facial will only be achieved if you get a professional facial from a spa that has the right tools for the job. Do not be lured into cheap spas that will offer substandard services which could end up costing you more if anything goes wrong.



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