How to Clean a Professional Wax Warmer

When you offer professional waxing hair removal in a spa, it will be important to have the best professional wax warmers to be able to offer the best services to your customers. If you purchase a wax warmer and you are unable to take good care of it, you will ruin the image of your spa or end up making your clients develop infections as a result of unhygienic conditions in the spa.

Below is a guide on how to easily clean a professional wax warmer:

  • When cleaning the wax warmer, heat the warmer a little: This will help in getting rid of the wax that remained after the previous waxing hair removal session. It will be more difficult to remove the wax when it is dried up as it will have stuck in the pot that is used in the warming. Always ensure that after the last treatment of the day, you allow the wax residue to melt for ease of removal so that you will be ready for the next appointment the following day.
  • If the wax that remained in the pot is too much, you can put it in a new container so that it will be used later. The container in which the wax will be stored should be sterilized and free from any contamination so that it will not cause any infection to the client who will be treated using the wax. If you had double-dipped or contaminated the wax in any way, do not store it, instead, throw it away and use free wax the following day.
  • If there are still wax residues in the wax pot, use wax strips to remove it.
  • Disinfect the waxing pot: After the complete removal of the wax, use a disinfectant to sterilize the waxing pot. If you are working on a tight budget and do not have the right sterilizing agents, you can use hot water and it will serve the purpose.
  • Apply selected oils to your wax warmer: The oils will reduce any stain appearance on the wax warmer. Ensure that you use the right oils and a soft piece of cloth as using the wrong products will lead to premature deterioration of the warmer.
  • You can place a paper collar around the wax warmer to ensure that no wax will fall on the warmer when the treatment is ongoing.

When heating the wax warmer, ensure that the pot is in place. This will ensure that the warmer will not be overheated as it will lead to electric system failure.

When you close down for the day, do not leave the wax warmer on with wax inside. This will lead to premature damage and the wax inside the warmer will likely get contaminated. It will also be risky leaving an electric device on without supervision as a power shortage could occur leading to fire breakout or total damage to the wax warmer.

You should also ensure that you have disconnected the power supply before the cleaning is done. You should turn the power off and remove it from the electric socket before the cleaning begins. Always remember that cleanliness will be the first thing that a client will check when he comes to a spa and if you fail the simple cleanliness test, you will lose that client.