Massage Precautions after a C-Section

After delivery through a caesarian section, the body of the woman may take some time to recover and get back to its original state. This, however, does not mean that she will forego massage therapy since it will aid in speeding up the recovery process. The following are precautions that should be taken when massaging a woman who has gone through a cesarean section:

  • Ensure that the woman has consulted with her gynecologist and he has given the go-ahead to carry on with the massage. If he says that the massage should wait, the best decision is to encourage the woman to wait until the body is in a better state.
  • Be extremely gentle when carrying out the massage especially in the areas surrounding the scar. Encourage the woman to speak up if the pressure is too much to avoid causing more harm through a process that is supposed to make her feel better.
  • The massage therapist should be trained on the proper way of carrying out a post c-section massage. If you discover that the massage therapist has never carried out such kind of a massage, do not get on with the massage. You should look for a spa whose massage therapist is experienced in post c-section massage.
  • In the initial stages of massage, the stomach region can be exempted from the massage until the woman is comfortable to have a little pressure. The massage should be gradual until you are sure that it is completely safe to massage the stomach region.
  • The woman who has gone through a c-section should not lie on her belly until she is fully recovered. She should stay in the position she will be most comfortable in and you should only massage the areas she is comfortable with.
  • The frequency of the massage sessions will be determined by how your body reacts after your first massage session. If you experience massive discomfort or pain, then your body needs more time to recover before the massage is rescheduled.

If on the other hand, you do not feel any discomfort, you can reschedule more sessions as they will help you to get back to your original shape faster.

A C-section is a major surgery and every precaution should be taken to ensure that the wound is completely healed before a massage therapy is carried out. An expert in massage will know the special tissue massage techniques that should be carried on the sensitive areas like the tummy to fasten the recovery journey.

The choice you make for a massage spa will determine the outcome of the massage; if you go to a cheap spa that is operated by people who do not have the proper knowledge in post c-section massage, you will get more harm from the massage.

A spa operated by professionals and has the best equipment to ensure that you are comfortable during the massage will be the best choice for such a sensitive massage. The massage therapist will know the limits and the best techniques that will aid in the recovery process.